LOGISTICS Course in Kochi Kerala – Carmel Academy

Carmel Academy offers logistic Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma courses for +2 Holders, Graduates and Post Graduates who wish to pursue their career in LOGISTICS. It is a well acclaimed Training Institute based in Kochi, Kerala, focusing mainly in guiding and assisting them to accomplish their dreams in this very booming and high remunerative global career.

Logistics, Shipping and supply chain management are core corporate functions to virtually all the industries in various countries. In fact, ensuring an efficient logistics system can provide a competitive edge to the exports of the country as also a tremendous boost to a country’s economy making imports available at cheaper prices. So it is having lot of high remunerative job opportunities in this field.

India is placed at the 12th and 17th positions respectively in terms of value of its imports and exports in the global ranking. Going forward, India is likely to emerge as the third or fourth largest importing as well as exporting country within a few decades. International trade of India is also likely to exceed 800 billion US dollars in the current year, which will be about 40% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Thus, it is vital for the Indian economy that infrastructure for the logistics industry is developed rapidly. However, infrastructure includes both hardware and software and this is where education and training assumes great significance in the logistics sector.