Carmel Academy has been functioning in the educational sector for over 2 decades , with the aim to support students to achieve their academic goals. The Academy offers a wide range of employment oriented courses according designed to the skills and knowledge requirements of various sectors. The course curriculum with a mix of academic and practical knowledge help students integrate seamlessly in to a job.

Geriatric nursing is one of the most preferred courses offered by Carmel Academy . Graduates ,post graduate and 12th grade (pass) candidates are eligible to enrol for this highly lucrative course. We offer 4 months certificate as well as a 6 month diploma courses in senior Geriatric care . carmel Academy is renowned for its uncompromising attitude towards teaching excellence. We are ably assisted in this endeavour by highly qualified teachers, guest lecturers and industry experts for all our offerings.  

Geriatric care is an area of expertise within the health care sector that has its roots in the idea of enhancing the health profile of aged people. Geriatric nursing incorporates extending  assistance to elderly people at a hospital or special institutions . Geriatric nursing is significant since it allows elderly people / patient’s  to get focused care depending on unique and diverse requirements. Geriatric nursing involves specialised care for aged people with co-morbidities and also preventive care to support extended well being , higher quality of life and independence.

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